TikkTakk travels to Crystal Lake - Illinois |

Over a intensive periode of 6 weeks, Shaw Media, with the newspaper North West Herald, has changed their workflow into a more Scandinavian mindset. Shaw has been using Roxen as their CMS since 2008-2009 with someplace between 60-90 titles within the system. It varies from dailies (7 days a week) to weeklies and magazines.

The project together with TikkTakk contained a pre-project to determine an optimized workflow for the dailies, building templates and brush up the design and finally implementing the new flow, design and template driven pagination in NWH over a two weeks period.

We started with interviews and mapping out exciting workflow, presenting a solution for a more efficient and transparent workflow in mid February 2018. Continuing with template build and design updates, we travelled to Crystal Lake mid March.

The first few days approximately 10 groups got training in the new flow, updated features I Roxen Rep and templating, until we produced the first live, template driven paper on Wednesday March 27st.